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Half of 150 Illinois residents said they'd worked sick during the previous year, and one in six had done so three or more timesTheir excuse. A sense of obligation to colleagues and patients, explained Dr Anupam Jena, a senior resident at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, who led the new researchBut it's not clear whether that's a worthwhile sacrifice, he told Reuters Health, even if a given physician is more familiar with his or her patients"They're less productive and more likely to make errors," Jena said "And they can transmit the disease to somebody else"Just last year, for example, a sick doctor kicked off a small outbreak of norovirus at Jena's hospital Several doctors and patients ended up with diarrhea and the affected unit had to reduce its staff for a number of daysLike other hospitals, Mass General now has rules to prevent health workers from coming to work with infectious diseases "The main question is whether those policies are being enforced," said JenaPRESENTEEISM'The survey, conducted in 2010 and published Monday in the Archives of Internal Medicine, is based on answers from Illinois residents only But the rate of "presenteeism" matches findings from an earlier survey by Jena and colleagues done at hospitals across the countryAlthough it's unclear how many full-fledged doctors choose to drag themselves to work when they feel lousy, the pressure to do so might be even higher than among residents"When residents fall sick, there are a large group of residents that can fill in," said Jena "When you are in private practice and you become sick, you don't have a pool of physicians that you can draw on to cover for you"In a comment on the new report, journal editor Dr Deborah Grady described a recent meeting with one of her residents, who, while usually jolly and energetic, looked "as if he had lost his last friend"He had diagnosed himself with a respiratory infection and had chosen to go to work despite feeling "terrible""Working while sick may demonstrate an admirable sense of responsibility to patients and colleagues," Grady wrote, "but clinicians also need to worry about the real danger of infecting vulnerable patients as well as colleagues and staff". At an inquest into her death, a coroner recorded a verdict that Mrs Hudson died of natural causes with 'neglect a contributory factor'. Mr Sheriff Payne, the Bournemouth coroner, added that she may have been alive today had she received proper treatment.

For a study published online in the journal Public Health Nutrition, researchers looked at the nutritional content of 30,923 menu items, including those from children's menus, at 245 brands of restaurants.

Greater availability of neurosurgeons could reduce the number of people who die from brain injuries suffered in traffic crashes, according to a new study. A common cause is plantar fasciitis, inflammation of the connective tissues on the sole of the foot. Stretching the tissue before getting out of bed can help. Christopher J. Dodd. Connecticut, however, is not guaranteed the federal dollars. It is a competitive grant, and if the state does not get the federal vytorin vs generics funds, UConn would be responsible for securing the $100 million by 2015, or the project would cease. The study involved 361 women whose cancer had stopped responding to traditional platinum-based chemotherapyAfter a median follow-up of 135 months, 75 percent of Avastin patients had a recurrence of cancer, compared to 91 percent of those who received chemotherapy aloneThe median time to disease progression or death was 67 months in the combination group and 34 months in the chemotherapy group"A lot of drugs have been tested in this situation," said Dr Eric Pujade-Lauraine, head of Group d'Investigateurs Nationaux pour l'Etude des Cancers Ovariens, an ovarian cancer clinical trials cooperative group based in Paris"It is the first time that a Phase 3 trial has shown a significant difference," said Pujade-Lauraine, the study's lead investigatorThe study, to be presented on Saturday at a meeting here of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, involved 361 women whose cancer had stopped responding to traditional platinum-based chemotherapyAvastin, developed by Roche's Genentech unit, is an antibody that blocks the growth of blood vessels tumors need to survive and grow It is approved in the US for treating glioblastoma, colorectal, lung and kidney cancersThe drug, also known as bevacizumab, is also approved in Europe for previously untreated ovarian cancer and is under review for use in previously treated ovarian cancerThe US Food and Drug Administration last year revoked its conditional approval of Avastin as a treatment for breast cancer because, although there was evidence that it slowed progression of the disease, there was no conclusive data showing that it extended the lives of breast cancer patientsA Genentech spokeswoman said the company is waiting for final overall survival results from all of its ovarian cancer studies, expected by next year, and then plans to discuss its next steps with the FDAAn estimated 230,000 women worldwide are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year Most are not diagnosed before the cancer has spread, and up to 70 percent of them die within five years"Ultimately, almost all the patients with ovarian cancer will develop chemotherapy resistance," Pujade-Lauraine saidReporting By Deena Beasley; editing by Carol Bishopric.

But in other cases, they are much less accurate and can lead to unnecessary follow-up tests and treatments, which can expose you to needless costs and needless vytorin vs generics risks. As Robin Roberts waits for a bone marrow transplant this fall, news of the morning show anchor's illness is helping others who need treatment. The national bone marrow donation registry Be The Match reported Tuesday the rate of new registrants has more than doubled since the "Good Morning America" anchor announced on June 11 that she has MDS, a blood and bone marrow vytorin vs generics disease. About 2 in 5 of those transplants came from smokers. They found that patients who got lungs from smokers were about 46 percent more likely to die within three years vytorin vs generics after getting the replacement lungs compared to patients who got the organs from non-smokers.

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