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Swen-Flex PRO & Swen-Flex PRO SD – coming soon!

As you know, Swenco Limited continuously strives to improve, and enhance our products, and with that thought in mind, we are very excited about two new Swen-Flex products.

Our new SWEN-FLEX PRO non-metal protective sole plate material  that is due to be introduced to our customers towards the end of the third quarter of 2012. With final testing and certifications being completed this summer, we will be sampling and introducing this new material strategically throughout the balance of 2012.

In the first quarter of 2013, SWEN-FLEX PRO SD is due to be introduced to the industry.  With sophisticated SD testing currently underway, and production processes being finalized, SWEN-FLEX PRO SD will round out the product offerings of Swenco Limited in the Non-metallic puncture resistant sole plate products to the safety footwear industry.

STEEL-FLEX® Export Packaging Enhancements!

For our Steel-Flex® Protective Sole Plate export customers, we are very excited to announce that we have developed – in partnership with our corrugated packaging supplier, a significantly enhanced combination of packaging changes that will ensure the arrival of our Steel-Flex® products in perfect condition at our customer’s factories.

These changes include:

1)      Higher strength corrugated materials being incorporated into our individual boxes

2)      The addition of an internal corrugated rib section in each and every box, essentially creating an internal wall in each box providing huge increases in the stacking strength of each box.

3)      A re-designed packing crate that will provide significantly stronger outer packing protection while providing easier access to the product inside upon arrival to the destination.

Labelled boxes will be packed into the crates with all label information to the outside of the crate. With the unique feature of a removal “lid” on the crate and easy access sides to the “bottom” of the crate, all labels will be immediately exposed for easy identification of stock and virtually no extra handling required to sort through the contents of the packing crates.

We are anticipating very favourable response from our customers and their staff with these changes that will ensure the safe arrival of our product and result in significant labour savings in the receiving and warehouse departments of our customers.

AXYZ CNC X-Y Cutting Tables

The third quarter of 2012 will see the installation of two (2) new AXYZ CNC X-Y cutting tables in our Waterloo facility. The addition of this technology will provide Swenco Limited with the opportunity to supply our many Swen-Flex® Non-Metal protective sole plate customers with the option of purchasing cut insoles by size, rather than by full sheets, which is currently the norm in the industry.

Currently, these customers that purchase Swen-Flex® or any other non-metal sole plate materials for that matter, are restricted to the purchase of full 1.5m x 1.0m full sheets, requiring the time consuming, labour intensive and inefficient die-cutting operations in order to produce the cut insoles for production.

Swenco Limited is proud to now be in a very unique position to be able to offer cut and size marked insoles that are ready for use immediately upon receipt by the customer. The advantages to our customer s will be substantial – including, the reduction of labour costs, reduction of waste material, and more efficient ordering procedures with a more accurate per pair cost for the protective insole portion of their footwear.

Swenco Limited will be introducing this service to all customers throughout the balance of 2012 and are anticipating a very positive and supportive response to this new offering.

University of Waterloo

and Swenco Limited

Swenco Limited is blessed to be located in Waterloo, Ontario, one of the highest technology based communities in Canada. We are very excited to finally be taking advantage of our close ties with the University of Waterloo Engineering faculty with a radical and exciting research project focused exclusively on the development of a better protective toe cap for use in safety footwear.

With a substantial financial and in-kind commitment provided by Swenco Limited, and the generous support of FedDev Ontario and the University of Waterloo, in a few short months, the findings from this project will provide information never before seen or described with respect to the performance of existing toe cap designs. This ground-breaking new research will lead the way to the development of both new materials and radically new toe cap designs for use in the safety footwear industry in the future.

Once again – Swenco Limited is leading the way!!

Third Annual France-Anne Sweeny “Making a Difference” Charity Golf Day

On June 11, 2012 the day dawned with sunshine and warm temperatures on the Crosswinds Golf and Country Club.  The focus of the day for 144 avid golfers was raising funds for a charity that is near and dear to the hearts of employees, friends and family related to Swenco Limited.  The France-Anne Sweeny “Making a Difference” Fund, was established by Paul and Marie-Josee Sweeny in memory of their beloved daughter France-Anne, who was tragically killed in a horseback riding accident in 2009.

The fund – administered by the Kitchener-Waterloo Community Foundation  – acknowledges and rewards students in our area high schools that show an unequaled passion to make the world a better place – as did France-Anne during her short time with us.  Not only will France-Anne’s name live on with this fund, but her passion and sense of mission will live on through the recipients of these awards for many years to come.

With a full house of golfers, guest celebrities, and pro-golfers in attendance, along with a huge on-line and silent auction, followed by an absolutely spectacular dinner, over $ 50,000.00 was raised at the 2012 tournament.  A record total once again, which becomes the target to surpass for 2013.  For more information about the fund and the story behind this incredible young woman – France-Anne Sweeny, please visit –  Personal donations to the fund can be made directly through the website and will be very graciously received with thanks!

The Derry Sweeny Award

We would like to introduce the Second recipient of the recently established “Derry Sweeny Award” – our staff member Kevin Kyle.

The “Derry Sweeny Award” is awarded to the Employee of the Quarter, as chosen by their peers.  In order to be eligible for the award, the recipient must have been nominated by one or more of their peers and be justified by a detailed explanation of the reason for the nomination.

With an immediate need opening up in the shipping / receiving department recently, Kevin was more than willing to assist during the transition period to train and develop a new employee to take over the shipping and receiving duties.

Staff comments were consistently complimentary of Kevin’s willingness to help with questions and concerns with prompt and cheerful actions and efforts.  We thank Kevin for his loyalty and consistent efforts to assist and support Swenco Limited over more than 15 years.

Congratulations Kevin!


Passing of former employee

It is with sad hearts that we pass our condolences to the family and friends of Anibal Goncalves.

Anibal worked at Swenco Limited for many years along with many of his family members before moving back to his homeland in the Azores, Portugal  in the late 1990’s to establish his own business.

Details of his passing are not available to us at this time but we do wish his family the best of luck in the days, months and years to come without their husband, father, brother and friend.


While it is always disappointing to hear of the closing of any business, it is equally sad when a supplier to the relatively small footwear component industry closes its doors. This unfortunately is occurring with a Taiwanese competitor of ours in the Steel Toe cap and Steel Plate business.

With this in mind, we will take this opportunity to advise our customers and those that are currently purchasing components from JR; that we are aware of the closing and are preparing to entertain and supply as much business as necessary to accommodate the replacement business.

Steel-Flex® Steel or Stainless Steel Protective sole plates are 100% Recyclable.


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